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Plump Butt Enhance Oil Plumbum Firming Oil

Plump Butt Enhance Oil Plumbum Firming Oil

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Specification: 10ml
Care range: buttocks
Improve rough skin, increase tension and elasticity, improve skin condition and moisturize, raise the skin of the buttocks and legs.
Take an appropriate amount of essential oil to massage the buttocks, the best time is 10-20 minutes.
Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, avoid light.


1. Improve skin condition during conditioning
Plant active ingredients deeply nourish the skin of the buttocks, repair strong cells, and make the buttocks more compact.
2. During weightlifting, the fixed buttocks begin to increase
Promote the activity of hip cells.
3. During the merger, flexibility is comprehensive
Natural plant extracts can nourish, continuously tighten the muscles of the buttocks, enhance nutrition and enhance firmness.

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